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let's get loud

carla fahden

Lately I have been obsessed with Emily Henderson's show Secrets from a Stylist. Jack was out golfing Wednesday night so I finally got control of the TV. I watched back to back episodes for 2 hours (while pounding a

Snickers ice cream bar) and loved every minute. She has awesome style, is sarcastic and weird, and I would kill for her wardrobe. One thing she is great at is mixing bright bold patterns in unexpected ways. She pairs crazy rugs, pillows and window panels and manages to make it look effortless and cohesive.

I decided to channel my inner Emily and put together a loud and crazy mood board. With this mix of colorful graphic pieces, I would keep everything else in the room pretty neutral. I highly recommend checking out Emily's show (it's on tonight!) for fun tips on how to mix and match.

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Valentine Print, Fez Pouffe Grey, Hand Embroidery Hoop, Bronze, Aqua and Navy Striped Antler, Silk Ethos Rug, Rhys Chair, Carnaby Talitha Vase