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My heart is a flutter this morning for three reasons:

1) My mom arrives today to celebrate my birth! So we have four fun-filled days ahead.

2) I was looking at my blog reader stats and someone in Sandwich, Massachusetts read my blog. SANDWICH! I can't believe there is a town called Sandwich and I am just finding out about it now. For those who didn't know this about me, I like eating sandwiches.

3) Lauren Moffatt's SS13 Collection is out! I am going bonkers!

So here is the deal with Lauren Moffatt. I have been obsessed with her clothes (and her home) for a long time. After coveting some of her Fall duds last year, I came to find out that my friend (and favorite photographer to work with) Daymion Mardel is FRIENDS WITH LAUREN AND SHOOTS ALL OF HER LOOKBOOKS! I am sure this excites none of you as much as it does me that I made this connection, but I am hoping that her new collection will. I put together my favorite summa-time looks below. As much as I love winter, I sure wouldn't mind bopping around Lake Minnetonka in that chambray jumpsuit right about now.


via Lauren Moffatt