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kitchen cuteness

carla fahden

It's the moment you have all been waiting for! Carla Fahden of Color Me Carla is going to reveal what she keeps at her kitchen sink!

I have always been very particular about what gets displayed at the kitchen sink. I know some of you are thinking "oh, come ON", but for as much time as I seem to spend in front of that bad boy (cooking, doing dishes, obsessively washing my hands), I want some luxurious suds and scents to scrub down with. Plus, who wants ugly stinky sponges and gaudy packaging on display in one of the most used rooms in your home? Not this broad!

I am a loyal fan of Mrs. Meyer's and Kiehl's and use both products throughout our house. I also found some spongies and a soap dish similar to the ones below. Now I'm just on the hunt for some cute little plants that will fit on our window ledge. If you're lazy like me and don't wanna bop around to garden centers in the middle of winter, I've actually found Etsy to be a great source for small potted plants.

Happy Thursday and keep it clean, yo!

) sparkle sponge 2) creme de corps 3) veggie brush (so handy!) 4) small succulent 5) bluebell dish soap 6) recycled windowpane soap dish