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kitchen cuteness

carla fahden

I am sick (not too sick to blog, of course). I am a huge baby when I'm sick, so stay away. To help myself feel better I decided to wander into a part of the internet that I should not be allowed: Kitchen & Tabletop. You see, our kitchen is chock-full of wonderful flatware, plates, mugs, serving-ware, wine glasses, etc. that we got as wedding gifts (I highly recommend getting married), so we are in NO WAY in need of this stuff.

Now IF I were to be in the market for this kind of thing, I think it would be fun to mix and match. I'd keep the dinner plates neutral and have fun with everything else. The pieces I've chosen here would go so well with our all-white kitchen and newly painted blue-grey dining room. We actually already have the wood serving bowl (thank you Jon + Lauren), which I love because it's rustic and goes with anything. As for the other things, they probably won't be a part of our collection anytime soon, but I can still dream of them as I cough myself to sleep later.

Time for some Campbell's Chicken Noodle and buttered saltines like mom used to make.

Picture 1

Paper Pretender Dinnerware,Lotus Dessert Plate,Passementerie Placemat,Geo Printed Linen Napkins, Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle,Mr. and Mrs. Muse Mug,Sun-Tipped Silverware,Acacia Wood Bowl