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kickin' it

carla fahden

Dang it, I had meant to do this post on Friday

and I totally spaced. I was going to be all clever and call it "Frye Day".

I am not like most gals when it comes to shoes. I don't have a massive collection of designer pumps and, if given the option, I'd rather spend that kind of money on wooly sweaters. When it comes to shoes, I prefer investing in a couple of timeless classics that I know will last me a couple of years (I sound like a grandpa) and will go with just about anything in my closet.

This is why I covet just about every pair of kicks that The Frye Company makes. I wear my Erin Oxfords at least 4 days a week and they never let me down. Below are some of my other Frye faves that I'd like to get on my tootsies some day.

1) alex tassel moc 2) erin oxford 3) melissa perf bootie 4) dalia

penny 5) erin woven oxford 6) regina ballet