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keepin' it clean

carla fahden

This chilly ass weather and having been sick all week really make me long for a big fancy claw-foot tub to take a bubble bath in. But unfortunately, our tub is from like, 1944 and I would not be caught dead sitting in it with my bare bum. Our shower/tub is the only thing that the previous owners did not update before we bought our home and I curse them for it. Replacing it is a major priority for me and I hope it happens in the next several months. (Pleeeeease, Jack?)

Anyway, a new tub has got me thinking about decorative soaps and soap dishes. This is something I never buy for myself but should. Every time I am shopping for gifts at Patina or Bibelot, I always sniff the oodles of pretty soaps but never take any of them home. At only $15-$20 a pop, I need to start stocking up on this kind of thing. Soaps, soap dishes, and soap dispensers are the perfect way to add a little color and scent to your bathroom or kitchen.

If only our monitors were scratch 'n sniff.
Lucia Olive Blossom & Laurel Soap, Marseille Olive and Lavender Bath Foam, Melissa Soap Dispenser, Savon De Marseille Unscented Duck Soap, Basins Series by Fornasetti, Claus Porto Liquid Soap,Wood Grain Dish, Rainbow Soap Holder, Natural Nail Brush, Mason Jar Soap Dispenser