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junk in the trunk

carla fahden

I had been trying to find a pendant light to hang in our hallway for quite a while. Everything I came across was either too modern, too expensive or was on backorder for longer than I care to wait. I had my eye on a few fixtures by Roost, but my favorites did not come hardwired (who wants a long ass cord running down the wall so it can plug into an outlet??).

Anyway, I am glad I held out. Last weekend I came across an adorably rustic and wonderful shop on Etsy called Junkyard Lighting. The prices are totally reasonable, everything is one-of-a-kind and the items even ship within

24 hours of ordering. I purchased the Farmhouse Cage Light pictured on the far left but the others are still up for grabs!

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Vintage Industrial Egg Crate Farmhouse Chandelier, Simply Modern Vintage Farmhouse Pendant Light, Vintage Flower Planter Pendant Light, Vintage Simply Modern

Ideal Canning Mason Jar Pendant Light,Antique Emergency Drinking Water Can Pendant Light