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jolly things

carla fahden

Good morning party people. Today we are here to talk about things that make-ah me jolly.

1. Watching Fern and Rosy romp in the back yard while I work on my blog.
2. Eating sausage + mushroom pizza from Whole Foods while watching Rachel Zoe reruns in my big purple sweatshirt.
3. Daydreaming about moving into our new house next month and decorating the crap outta it!!!
4. Cruisin' around Minnie in Tootsie (my '87 woody Jeep) while listening to the crackling old-ass radio.
5. This posh mix of pillows and such!

Happy Thursday pretties!

1) frizzle pillow 2) owl round decorative pillow 3) schafer pendant 4) dinora sofa 5) tennyson linen stool 6) english pak rug