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carla fahden

Good morning, poptarts.

I found this cute shop on Etsy, Rue Des Louves, that wheels and deals all sorts of adorable french vintage pieces. Our last kitchen was SO teeny tiny that we did not have very much room for extra dishes and serving bowls. Now that our kitchen is much bigger and we have the room to store things (and entertain), we are in major need of serving dishes, cute dessert plates and special coffee cups.

Now don't worry, I'm not suddenly turning all country kitchen on your ass or anything. But given the style of our house (100 year old farm house), it makes sense to mix in some vintage classics amongst the newer, shinier things.

When we were visiting my parents in Northern 'Sconie over Christmas, I scored some canisters very similar to the ones below.  I'm probably not gonna be dropping 30 bones to have this kind of thing shipped overseas, but will be on the lookout for similar stuff when I'm scouring local vintage shops.

Sniff ya later.

all goodies from rue des louves