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itty-bitty bathrooms

carla fahden

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I've found proof that the teeny tiny bathrooms found in old homes (like ours) can be just as fabulous as the ginormous modern ones.

First off, I absolutely adore the statement wallpaper found in this bathroom. With something this bold, I would keep everything else in the room (toothbrush holder, bathmat, soap dish, etc) pure white.
Bathroom with Statement Wallpaper

Next up, here's an example of a bathroom with super dark walls like we currently have. I had never thought to incorporate wood into our bathroom, but I love how rustic and sophisticated this looks.
Best of Bathrooms

Lastly, I love how just one simple piece of art is enough to give this bathroom style and personality.
Eclectic Bathroom

The second I set my eyes on these great bathrooms, I knew I was in trouble. Of course I had to start searching for new items for our bathroom. While I won't be buying any of these until I am finished with our living room, here are the items on my wish list.

bathroom mood board
Canggu Shower Curtain,Amara Bathmat, Ring Holder, Flip and Fit Shower Caddy,Pedal Bin (because Fern eats our garbage), Sea Life Hand Towels, Bath Plug, Towels - Anywhere your heart desires :)