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it's all gravy

carla fahden

Ladies and Gents, we are ONE DAY AWAY from stuffing our faces! You know what this means... lots-o-time in the kitchen.

This year, Jack and I are hosting Turkey Day at our pad. My parents are coming from Wisco, along with my sissie, Jack's bro (+ kiddies), and our good friend Michelle. There will be lots of loafing around, football (yawn), Bananagrams, Catchphrase, wine and.... MASHIES! While my mum is bring a lot of dishes that she made in advance, we've got a fair share of cooking ahead of us as well.

Since our kitchen was apparently built for a family of garden gnomes, there will be a lot of bumpin' butts as we try to combine efforts and make Martha's brussel sprouts, a 17lb bird and... um, MASHIES!

Anyhoo, in honor of Thanksgiving and all of the good eats that will be had, here are some adorable kitchens I've come across.

interior design blog | kitchens3
via Design*Sponge

interior design blog | kitchens2

interior design blog | kitchens4

interior design blog | kitchens5

interior design blog | kitchens