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you're invited...

carla fahden

... to my imaginary birthday party! Come on in!

Today is the big 33 for this gal. Among the fun things we have planned over the next few days is an imaginary party I've been having in my head since I woke up. It's just a little soiree with all of my favorite people... sipping cucumber vodka out of these cute grey glasses and kicking it to Lionel Richie. A few of us gals

are all squeezed onto the navy blue leather tufted sofa and the fellas are kneeling on the magic carpet rug giving us foot rubs. The snow is coming down outside and we've got tons of pretty-smelling candles lit all around the room. Fern and Rosy are laying under the dining room table telling secrets as they tend to do and the delivery guy just showed up with 10 pounds cheese curds so I gotta run. Ta!

navy blue leather sofa rustic wood side table graphic rug zebra pillow

(1) Tom Dixon Etch Light (2) Magic Carpet Rug (3) Marimekko Sukat Makkaralla Grey Glasses (4) Wooden Log Stool Side Table (5) Anise Patchouli Candle (6) Thomas Paul Zebra Pillow (7) Milo Sofa