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inspiring spaces, jealous faces

carla fahden

Talk about drool-worthy interiors. Below are five spaces I love and why.

inspiring spaces2
Interior Design by Deborah Needleman
I am a sucker for dark walls. Especially in rooms broken up with lots of windows, shelving, or cabinets. I love how earthy this room feels. And hey! there's a black version of the chairs I want for our dining room.

inspiring spaces
Interior Design by Betsy Burnham
Here is a workspace that doesn't look like a workspace. The furniture, walls and ceiling are all super neutral and the color is found in the details. I like the mix of utilitarian boxes (extremely cheap from Ikea) with chic flowers and light fixtures.

inspiring spaces4
Interior Design by Albert Hadley
We couldn't pull these colors off in our home, but they look great here. I love the irregular

shape of the zebra rug and the painting is my favorite shade of red. If you're gonna do red in your home, tomato is the way to go.

inspiring spaces3
Interior Design by

Michele Bonan
Sigh. Look at those high ceilings. I'm jelly! Again, loving the tomato colored rug. This is another well-disguised workspace that looks much more inviting than a typical home office.

inspiring spaces5
Interior Design by Angele Parlange

a shabby chic space that I would never in a million years try to pull off (nor would Jack allow it). But still, I love the color combos, the old cute wood chair and how the artwork is hung slightly off.