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in the mood...

carla fahden

Well I am certainly NOT in the mood to be outside in this disgusting slimey-ass weather. No, I am in the mood to blog about decorative mood boards/bulletin boards. I am almost finished decorating our den/home office and am just waiting for a couple of giant slabs of cork board that I ordered online. I am going to make one big ass wall for me to hang all of my inspiration, fabric swatches, paint chips, blah blah. Since I've painted the walls a pale grey ("London Fog") and all of the furniture is very light and neutral, I'm relying on my wall-o-fun to add the perfect punch of color and fun to my workspace.

Here are some funky examples of turning everyday pieces of scrap into a holistic piece of art.

interior design blog | mood boards

interior design blog | mood boards3

interior design blog | mood boards4

interior design blog | mood boards5