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ikat obsesh

carla fahden

I'm a sucker for all things ikat. SUCK-AH. I love the muted colors, the tribal feel and how it reminds me of my friend Ian who still wears one of those Mexican ponchos from the early '90s. I had been considering a solid tomato lamp for a pop-o-color in our new living room (how many times have I said "new living room" this week?), but this patterned beauty below just took its place. I'm also loving the idea of putting an ikat rug in the guest room mixed with ikat sheets and a fluffy solid duvet.  Good grief, ikat makes me sweat. I think I'm also just a weeeee bit excited over the fact that we are meeting our builder out at the new house today to go over initial plans for gutting the upper level!

Have yerselves a great weekend. We will be busy PACKING PACKING PACKING!!!

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