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New House : Powder Room

carla fahden

Here I am! I bet you logged on this morning and were like, "Hey! it's past 7:30am Central Standard Time and Color Me Carla hasn't done her blog post yet!". Well guess what, suckas... I'm in LA! So I'm living a couple hours behind today. Yes indeedy, I am out here for a photoshoot and enjoying every second of my posh hotel room. Such a nice break from the nasty-ass bathroom I've been getting ready in these past few weeks back home.

My heart is pumpin' real fast today because as I write this, the crew back in Orono is demo-ing our house! Yahooooo, today is Day 1! I'm excited to get back and see the dumpster full of the gross carpet, ugly light fixtures and old tile that I've been cursing for the past month.

Below is our plan for the guest bathroom (or if you wanna sound fancy, the "powder room"). Like I said last week, we will be moving the claw foot tub up to the master bath, so the guest bath will consist of a glass shower (white subway tile, black grout), a pedestal sink (with the best bathroom faucet!) aaaaaaand... a barn door! Hey! What's a BARN DOOR doing in a HOUSE, that's cray cray! Well, the room is so small, that opting for a sliding door will be a great space saver, and it looks tiiight. Happy Monday, I'm off to the studio, yo.

(GOLD!) showerhead, pretty soap, wallpaper, black hex tile (for the floor)