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house of hearts

carla fahden

It's Valentine's Day! While the extent of our celebrating is going to be me giving Jacka cheesy card with a poodle on it and some festive Reese's, I wanted to put together a little mood board in honor of the holiday.
1.1938 Oil Portrait of Dog: Umm, so I guess this isn't pink or red and doesn't have hearts, but it is cute as heck and who doesn't love dogs? Also the blue/green background is a great color to pair with red or pink.

2. Glass Melon Hook: This hook would be perfect in a bathroom to hang a silk robe or hand towel on. I love all things crystally and old fashioned like this. We recently swapped out all our doorknobs with old-school clear glass ones, I love them.

3. Globe Crystal Chandelier: This is so dainty and chic but would look great in a room with bold walls in gunmetal grey or navy blue.

4. Porcelain Alphabet Ring: Cute, personalized, (expensive) napkin rings! They come in all different colors and would be the perfect little detail to complete a place setting.

5. My Love Tray: Perfect for eating breakfast in bed or keeping on top of a vanity table to houseperfumes and whatnot.

6. Black Newport Pillow: No pink or red or hearts or cupids, but black and white is a timeless classic and this pillow would look great paired with a red or pink throw blanket.

7. Piglet Soaps: Oink oink! This little guys would look great displayed in a guest bathroom next to a stack of fluffy white towels.

8. Voice One Loudspeaker: These would be the perfect accent in any neutral room. Even though they are tiny, they are so bold your eyes (and ears) would go to them right away.

9. Cobble Hill Francis Metal Leg Chair: I highly doubt I'd ever get away with buying a pink piece of furniture for our house, but you could probably play down the femininity of it by adding a black and white pillow to it or pairing it with a masculine rug or floor lamp.

10. Antique Carpet:This would look great in a study with a distressed leather club chair and a cute little kitty cat laying on it basking in the sun.