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new house : : master bath

carla fahden

When we verrrry first looked

at this house, we knew right away that we'd need to add a master bath. Since the place was built in 1920, there have been four additions made to the original house and it is beyond me why not a single one of the previous owners didn't add a proper master bath. But I won't complain too much because that means Jack and I get to pick out everything from scratch!

Here's the plan for the brand new master bath which will be adjoined to our new master bedroom and a ...... drumroll ....... walk-in closet!

We've got a beauty of a cast iron claw foot tub hanging out in the downstairs bathroom which will be getting moved up to the master and used as a soaking tub. It sorely needs a nice refinishing and new plumbing fixtures, but other than that I love it's simple shape and cute little black feet. I've loved this fun ostrich wallpaper ever since seeing it here last year. It will be the perfect compliment to the rest of the predominately white room. Also in the mix is a rustic wood dresser which we will be using as a vanity. Atop it will sit a clean white vessel sink and a vintage-inspired wall mount faucet. Throw in some cute blue-green hex tile for the floor, simple wall sconces, some pretty soap and you've got yourself a prettaaaay sweet suite (see what I did there?).

There will also be a chandelier above the tubby poo but I haven't picker 'er out yet. Oh, and a glass shower with a

couple-o-marble walls!

Anyhoo, here ya go! Day Two of the Fahden's new casa!

1) ostrich wallpaper 2) foam bath 3) wall sconce 4) lavatory faucet 5) atwood chest 6) hex tile in moss