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new house : : kitchen

carla fahden

Luckily our kitchen is really not in that bad of shape. I love the layout (nice and open with an island and bar/overhang) and the high ceilings. It's just in need of a little sprucing up...

The cabinets are white... errr kinda yellow, so they will be getting re-enameled with a nice bright white (and new hardware, of course). The counters are just white (kinda yellow) laminate so we're replacing them with a pretty white/grey swirly marble (which calls for a new drop-in sink and faucet, or course). Originally we were going to continue the marble up the wall to serve as a backsplash BUT my friend, Allison, shared an amazing tile site with me last week so we are reconsidering. I ordered a sample of the black and white tile below, so that might be added to the mix to spice things up.

Other than that, it's just a matter of replacing the ginormous, hideous, offensive, gaudy pendants currently hanging all over the place. We're doing these clean and minimal pendants over the kitchen sink and island, then the mongo woven chandelier over the kitchen table. The chandelier will go nicely with the super-saturated vintage rug (for under the table) that I purchased last week from "my dealer" in St. Paul. Oh, and the floors are getting redone throughout, but we'll get to that later this week!


1) saigon chandelier 2) franklin pendant 3) marrakesh tile 4) bridge faucet (still trying to convince Jack that we should go with form over function... he wants a single handle)