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new house : : crazy for crown!

carla fahden

Boo-urns, I missed a post yesterday. We were going to talk about plans for the guest bathroom... so stay tuned for that one on Monday. Today we are here to talk about CROWN MOLDING!

Among my list of obsessions (windex, black olives, eyebrows) is crown molding. I became particularly conscience of good/bad crown molding and trim when we sold our last house. As we moved furniture away from the walls and cleaned the place, I noticed how the base had been painted over like 72 times. There were cracks in it, drips of paint, dust hardened on... barf. As you will see in the photos below, crisp white crown and base can really make a room look polished and posh.

Sooo... we have picked out new crown, base, casing, etc for the whole place. This will be extremely labor intensive (or so I hear) and take weeks to complete. But it seems like the perfect finishing touch after all of the other work we're having done. We're also getting the wood floors refinished so they will no longer be frickin' yellowy-tan-beige but rather a nice rich brown with lots-o-grain. It will be the perfect contrast to the white base.

Enjoy these photos and I'll catch you pumpkin pies on the flip side!

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Here is the photo I took to the lumber place ... so this is how it should look when it's all done.

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See how nice the dark walls and floor look with the thick crown molding?

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Very pretty crown but too ornate for the Fahdens.

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This is the floor color we're going for.