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carla fahden

Hi. I'm up early. At about 5:30am I awoke with a jolt as I sensed that I had just slept through the entire night with my Merona mens sweatshirt on backwards! I then pried my tingling legs out from under a 70 lb goldendoodle (ROSY!) and rolled over to spoon my husband. Well guess what... in his place was yet another goldendoodle (FERN!)! After realizing Jack was still not home from work (SERIOUSLY) and frantically checking my phone to make sure he was OK, I was wide awake.

So what better way to spend my extra morning time than hollering at you all! Who's ready to hear about some stuff I have my eye on for our new house!?

Over the past few weeks we have slowly been adding things to the pad. I am proud to say that once our vintage wall-mount toothbrush holder arrives, our master bath will be D-O-N-E!

The next room we're gonna tackle is the fireplace/tv room. Our custom black and white tweed sectional finally arrived after 8 weeks, so the four of us now have somewhere to lay in a real pile and watch Tim and Eric. The plan is to get two smaller stool thingys (below) instead of a big ottoman (the room is small) to put our feets on. Also on the list are some stylish trays to eat Ortega tacos off of (below), some custom white shelving to surround the wall-mounted TV and a slew of random pillows, blankies and other doo-dads to style that shit up.

Other random things shown below include a killer table lamp for our living room, bedding for the guest room, checked towels for our kitchen and a cute soap dish for the guest bath (Santa, are you listening?).

Well, time to sign off and get my booty to werk. Have yerselves a good Thursday.

Oh and hey... To whomever is responsible for my husband having to pull an actual all-nighter: your ass best hope our paths don't cross in a dark alley.

1) seville ottoman 2) fog linen tray 3) embroidered bed linens 4) table lamp 5) apothecary soap dish 6) checked woven towels