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high street market

carla fahden

Happy Hump Day, yo! I'm here to share one of my favorite Etsy sources for all things vintage and perfect. Given that I do a lot of photo art direction for my job, I can be kind of a snob when it comes to how things are photographed on Etsy. So right off the bat this shop grabbed me because of how nicely the items are displayed. I've purchased several little odds and ends and they're some of my favorite "traaaysures" (imagine how they say it in O Brother, Where Art Thou?). Check out High Street Market often as the inventory is always changing. And hey, hands off the gold lamp... it's MINE!

1) turquoise blue ceramic dish rowantrees 2) vintage brass table lamp with asian finial 3) custom made ikat throw pillow 4) vintage turquoise ceramic table lamp 5) authentic gazelle 6) vintage german black ceramic bowl 7) snow leopard pillow