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here kitty kitty!

carla fahden

Oh boy. The other day I came across this adorable little hand-painted kitty on Etsy. I was immediately drawn to it for a couple of reasons: it has a cat on it, the cat is wearing stripes (my favorite), it looks like an animal out of Fantastic Mr. Fox AND it's painted on a playing card. I saved the file to Evernote (which, by the way, is an amazing program if you want to save and organize all of your internet findings) so when I finally make artwork purchases for our living room, this playing card wouldn't be forgotten.

Then that SAME day, I took Fernie to the vet and there in the "adopt me" cage were two little kittens that looked EXACTLY like the playing card (sans the striped shirt)! I knew right away that the universe was trying to tell me something VERY important: do a blog post about the kitty playing card...duh!

So below you will find the crafty card as well as a mood board inspired by it. I've found that a great way to pick a color palette for a room is to find a piece of artwork or photography (or even a favorite shirt or album cover) that you love and then pull colors from it. There is

a blog I read (actually, just look at) called Color Collective and she does this very thing. I always hear people say they aren't good at matching colors together... but there are great combos all around us people!

Okay, I'm off to try and convince Jack we need a kitten.

kitty stripes
Portrait of cat

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