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happy things

carla fahden

Today is a happy day. There's a whole lotta right going on with today.

First off, we have a fluffy white blanket of snow outside. The first snow always puts me in an awesome mood. Second, it's a short week. And not just any ol' short week. This is the week I make it a point to stuff myself with mashies (of the potato variety) until the only thing that could get me to move would be a litter of goldendoodle puppies playing across the room. Oh, gosh. I almost forgot! Today is the day our house is featured on Design*Sponge.

I'm playing it very cool right now. My inner self is weeing her pants. I've been working so hard on our house this past year and am so honored that D*S decided to do a sneak peak on our little abode.

In honor of this happy day, I've put together a mix of happy home pieces. The level of happy I am today is the level of happy you would be if you were sitting in this ginormous gold hand watching Fantastic Mr. Fox while animated birdies flew around your head and ate from that mod feeder. That's pretty damn happy.

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(1) Fantastic Mr. Fox Poster, (2) Bird Feeder, (3) Animal Sculpture, (4) Round Velvet Pintuck Pillow, (5) Hand Chair, (6) Bean Bag