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happy place

carla fahden

What's shaking my little peanut butter sandwiches (oops, that's Rosy's nickname).

I am in a stellar mood today. Oh, you wanna hear why? Sure!

One of my besties, Katie (Fartface), is coming to visit this weekend with her hubba-hubba hubby, Jerry, and their sweet little pumpkin pie, Molly. Jack gets back from his werk trip to San Fran. The weather is crisp and cool in MN which means my favorite season is on its way and I get to start wearing all the wooly, warm sweaters I've been eyeing up lately. I'm spending my morning sipping hot coffee and blogging (my happy place). Um, it's Friday...duh. Let's see, what else. Hmmm...

Oh! Our house is done! YES. It's been over a week since our beloved crew has let themselves in at 7am and started pounding away. Although it took eons to finish, we couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out. It truly feels like a brand new house (even though it was built in 1920).

My mum came to visit this past weekend and worked miracles helping us get our house back in order (along with my magic sista, KK). Over the course of three days, we rid the place of four months worth of dust, washed every single window (thanks, Mom), moved all of our clothes into our new walk-in closet (phew!) and even had time to kick it at my favorite watering hole, The Narrows.

So yes. Plenty to be in a good mood about. As things start to calm down for us, we now have time to hunt for goodies to fill our home (this will take years, I'm telling you). Right now we live in a big empty blank canvas. We had the majority of our walls painted Pale Silver by Restoration Hardware with a couple rooms in Flint. The floors are a nice dark, rich brown and all of the trim is bright white. Our plan is to layer in lots-o-neutrals and keep it bright and clean.

Here's a little ditty I put together of things that would go great in our new place. We bought the flushmount light for our family/fireplace room which Jack gets to install this weekend. The grey plaid flannel fabric is being sewn into upholstered cushions for our breakfast nook as we speak. The rest of the things are just on my wish list.

Oh, and for those who aren't friends with me on the ol' Facebook (I posted this pic a couple days ago), I'm including a pic of our new (empty) kitchen!

Happy Friday, homies!

1) flower drum shade ceiling light 2) indigo pillow 3) oberto gili photograph 4) checked flannel 5) stone textile signature print (for roman shades) 6) cross blanket 7) vintage stools