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happy fri fri!

carla fahden

Word up, meatballs. How was your week? Mine was a bit cray-cray but that's okay-kay because Christmas vacay-cay is HERE! Today I will wrap up what I have going on at werkie-poo and then it's 12 whopping days of uninterrupted R&R.

Somewhere between sitting by the fire, playing in the snow and forcing Jack to rub my back, I plan to make some progress on our house. Jack's parents are staying with us this week and I feel awful that their guest room is just a hodge podge of random furniture with no creature comforts or cute wallpaper to make them feel at home. And tonight we will be having Christmas dinner on a bunch of free office chairs Jack snuck home from work. So yeah, having a stretch of time to devote to picking out house goodies is gonna be a damn good thing.

Below are some nifty noots I'd love to add to the pad. We are in desperate need of a dresser for our bedroom to minimize the city dump that Jack has going on on his side of the bed (the cute hamper would help with that too). We've got a little corner in our family room that is in need of a chair but nothing too big, so a sheepskin ditty like this one would be great. And I was PUMPED AS HELL to come across the french wall-mounted soap thing. They have these in the bathrooms at the Marvel Bar and I am obsessed with them. We will have to add this to our guest bath along with the very reasonably priced eyeball tray.

Enjoy these precious pretties and Merry Christmas!

1) wyatt barrel base lamp 2) fornasetti occhi wood tray 3) random japanese hamper that I can't track down 4) french wall-mount soap! 5) vintage

sheepskin chair I saw on Pinterest 6) classic chest