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guest room goodies

carla fahden

One of my favorite things about owning a home is having a guest room. It means that we can have friends or family come stay whenever we want. It also gives me a second bed to dress in cute linens. And since I'm a neat freak, it's nice to have one room in the house that is usually totally spotless. (Thanks to a certain someone, our master bedroom usually has a huge pile of clothes on one side of the bed... eh hem)

So yeah, I like our guest room. I gave it a little makeover this summer but there are still some things I'd like to add. Here are some goodies that would be great in any guest room. I kept them all neutral so they match any decor.

1. Magazine Rack: I like to keep a stash of somewhat current magazines in our guest room. I read so many of them and never want to throw them away, so I leave them for our guests to page through while trying to fall asleep or waiting to get in the shower. Do yourself a favor and don't look at the price on this one.

2. World Time Clock: Most guests prooobably want to know what time it is. But since they are on a mini-vacay visiting you, they don't need an alarm clock. So you can get away with a cute little non-digital clock like this one.

3. Book: Who doesn't need a little self-help these days? We have this book on our coffee table and it inspires me every time I read it. Leave a quick read like this on the nightstand and your guest will head home hopeful and more optimistic.

4. Roller Stop:I freaking love this! The door to our guest room has this fun little habit of not closing all the way. Something weird happened when we painted the door and now it won't shut. So for us, a door stop is necessary. Whether you technically need one or not, it's a fun little piece for your guests to see when they arrive.

5. Missoni Home Humbert Throw: Keep your loved ones as snug as a bug in a rug with this colorful lambswool blankie that is soft as snow.

6. Chess Knight Lamp: I love all things equestrian. It's nice to have a little lamp on the night stand so your guest doesn't have to get out of bed and flip the switch.

7. Fig 15 Candle: Not sure what this particular candle smells like, but I love the label design. There's nothing more cozy than a burning candle to welcome your guest.

8. Hand Hooks: Look! This creepy/awesome hand hook is motioning for you to come on in!

9. Mosaic Towels: A stack of fresh and fluffy bath towels is a must for any guest room.