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carla fahden

It's Wednesday, homeslice. And that means we are one day closer to CHRISTMAS VACAY! Jack and I both have almost a full two weeks off for the holidizzles and I am pumped as hell.

Next Friday night we're gonna kick off the break by hosting Jack's fam at our pad for Christmas dinner and prezzies. Then we will head up to my parents' cabin in 'Sconie for a few days. And THEN we will be back home for a week.

One of the great things about living where we live is that every weekend feels like a cabin getaway. Over the four day Thanksgiving break, I left the house/yard ONCE to see a movie with my kid sis. The rest of the time was spent in my leggings by the fire or out in the yard with Fern and Rosy. This is the plan for Christmas as well. With the exception of hitting up the townie bar for pizza and running to the neighborhood Lunds, I plan to read mags in the bath, watch Homeland by the fire and just spend some quality ass time with Jack and the pups.

I've been seeing a lot of cabiny interiors and hippie homes on Pinterest lately and rounded up some of my faves. Some of these are a wee bit out there but they're also a wee bit sweet as hell.

How awesome would it be to spend a weekend playing Banagrams and eating s'mores in this treehouse!?

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