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gotta get down on friday

carla fahden

It’s Friday, Friday / Gotta get down on Friday / Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend / Friday, Friday... you know that song? Rosy has been singing it all morning and now I can't get it out of my head.

It's FRIDAY, MO FOS! This has been one helluva week. Work has been cray cray, the disaster zone here at the homestead gets more intense by the day and I can't find my damn razor.

To celebrate this fine springy Friday, let's look at some pretty places that I wouldn't mind throwing back a few Miller Lites in.

via decor 8
I like how the retro pink sofa and the vintage metal table are old yet the place feels fresh and modern cuz of the nice gallery wall above.

via anthropologie
No brainer here. TRIBAL BED? Yes please. The lampshade looks like the toilet paper balls Rosy digs outta the trash and leaves randomly around the house.

via lonny
I know. This one is kinda weird. Could be granny's apartment or could be the awesome home of like ... I dunno, someone cool. I love the plaid and horsey art and that spec of wood flooring down on the lower right.

via lonny
Have I posted this photo before? I can't remember. It's like the pretty birthday card someone sent you two years ago that still hangs on the fridge... this photo is always just a few clicks away from me. I LOVE that over-the-top girly wallpaper.

via live like you
Fur and a vintage rug and dark walls? Sounds like a winner! (other fun phrases our contractor uses: "You got it" and "give 'er hell."

Have a fun weekend, pretties! I'll be over here, decompressing in the woods.