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All Good Things

carla fahden

Last night my coworker and I headed to Tribeca to hit up the Steven Alan sample sale which was in itself enough excitement to last me a week. As we were walking around aimlessly trying to find the hidden door, I spotted two chicks walking down the sidewalk eating BAGUETTE SAMMIES WRAPPED IN CUTE PAPER BAGS! I literally chased them down the street to find out where they got them. With mouths full of bread, they pointed to the adorable little storefront of All Good Things.

So after purchasing some chambray dog scarves, a ROMPER WITH FOXES ON IT and a striped sweater at Steven Alan, Julia and I bopped down the street to the most magical place in all the land.

So just to let you know, this is one of those places that is secretly run by fairies and gnomes. It is the only possible way that such a perfect mix of flowers and gifts and cheese and beer and BAGUETTES and bearded butchers and florists with side braids could ever be curated in such an enchanting way. While I waited for my turkey (duh) and artichoke panini to get pressed, I wandered around like a major creep and snapped some pics so you could see for yourself.

Have a good weekend tootsie pops. I am excited to return home tonight to Jack and the pups.