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gold star

carla fahden

How was the weekend, party people? Mine gets a gold star DESPITE the fact that I spent 6 hours at the airport last night waiting for my delayed flight to NYC.

We had the most awesome-ist snow storm yesterday and spent the morning romping and sledding in our yard with the pups and our niece and nephew. It was hard to pack up and head to the airport, but here I am... last photoshoot of the year!

I know I have mentioned plenty-o-times the big beautiful Tom Dixon pendants we have in our (otherwise empty) living room. It is the perfect touch of glam for what will eventually be a mostly neutral, cozy room. I love the idea of adding a few fancy pieces here and there amidst an otherwise rustic, casual space. Below are some perfect pops of shine that would be easy to incorporate into your maxi pad.

Happy Monday - enjoy the snooooow!

eclectic candle, triple tiered pendant, french press, gold scale tumbler, copper sauce pan, gold coffee spoons