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gobble gobble goodies

carla fahden

Thanksgiving is upon us. I LOVE Thanksgiving. I love to eat and I love my family and I love going back to my home state. This year, Jack, Fern, my sis and I are heading to my parents' cabin/home in northern Wisconsin. It

is the perfect place to spend the holidays. They live on a lake in the middle of the woods and there is always lots of pretty white snow. My mom has done a great job decorating their place so it feels rustic and woodsy yet fresh and clean at the same time.

Our upcoming trip has got me thinking about how much I love combining nature-inspired pieces with clean, modern pieces. I'm not talking about stuffed deer heads. No, I'm talking about a more polished, chic version of rustic.

I've literally been collecting images for this post for two days. I can't get enough of this stuff! Anyway, here are my favorite north-woods-inspired items. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Desk Accessory Set,Sailing Ship Sketch,Mirror Image Owl Rug,Ursa the Bear,Stem Bowl,Rising Atoll Curtain,Bamboo Pebbles,Log Cabin Pendant,Ghost Tree Coat + Hat Rack,Wooden Animal Dish,Bovine Pillow

Owl Table Lamp,Brigitta Dresser,Ring Holder,Furniture Cube,Mushrooms Tea Towel,Mohair Throw,ArchitectMade Duck,Pronghorn Wall Art,Chop Chop Side Table,Gnome Stool