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funky monkey

carla fahden

Hey! It's Saturday and the sun is shining. I am in a happy mood and thought I'd channel some good vibes into a fun mood board for you all.

I have serious admiration for designers that can successfully mix and match oodles of colors and patterns. This seems like a daunting task that would end up in disaster more times than not. But in the example below, you will see that this approach turned out to be a brilliant work of art!

lisa fine
Interior Design by Lisa Fine

I toyed around with this same approach and here is the funky colorful combo I came up with. I don't think I'd have the guts to actually execute a room this crazy, but it was refreshing to search for such a bright palette. Happy weekend.

fun and funky
Archive Rug, Pink Cloud Paint, Rambagh Reverse Curry (for window panels), Daydreamer Settee,Large Vintage Brass Elephant (I bought one just like this from Goodwill!), Madeline Weinrib Pillows,Tin Tray, Mid-Century Brown Footstool (this was on my wish list, but it looks like it sold - BOO)

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