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For The Perfect Picnic

carla fahden

The warm weather here in NYC combined with a recent episode of Mad Men where Betty and Bobby go on a picnic has me itching to pack a basket of good food and go find a grassy spot with Jack when

I get back to Minnesota. Picnics are one of those great ways to go out and enjoy the weather, feel like you actually "did" something on a Saturday and spend little to no money (unless you wanna drop a couple hundred bones on the stuff I picked out below).

Jack and I have been on a whopping three picnics in the seven years we've been together. But in my head, we are picnic kind of people and should go on more of them. We both like to be outdoors, play games, eat, lay on blankets and be sneaky about peeing outside. And I've always wanted to act out that reoccurring cliché date on The Bachelor where the chick lays her head on the dude's belly and they both gaze up at the clouds.

Here's a roundup of sweet stuff to pack for the perfect picnic. Note : no iPad / iPhone allowed.


1) rorchack game 2) leather and brass blanket carry strap 3) sunnies 4) portable radio 5) cotton paisley bandana 6) glass travel thermos 7) wicker picnic basket 8) paddle ball 9) polaroid camera 10) buffalo check blanket