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finds for your four legged friend

carla fahden

So, um, I'm obsessed with our dog. And she wants to go outside and play right now. But I can't, because I'm working on my blog. So I figured I could do at least one post somewhat related to her... pet accessories! Specifically bowls and beds.

Nothing can turn a house into a home quite like a four legged friend. At the same time, nothing can detract from a great looking room like a hot pink cat house or cheesy "woof woof" dog bowl. If you go into the typical pet store, everything is usually covered in a paw-print pattern and only comes in bright gaudy colors. Then you go into the high end pet boutiques and everything costs and arm and a leg. Unfortunately, I don't know of a happy medium. So my opinion is that when picking out the few accessories that will be on constant display, it's worth the investment to pick out something that matches the decor of your house. I know what some of you are thinking, "$100+ on a dog bed, really?" Come on, isn't Pickles worth it?

Here are my top picks:

Rectangle Dog Bed in Japanese Petals, Echo Dog & Cat Bowls, Tan Dog Bed, Porcelain Cat Bowl, Enamel Bowl, Dog Bed in Sunset, Luxury Cat Dish in Jett Finish

, Rectangle Eco-Friendly Toile Pet Bed, Kittypod Classic, Rectangle Dog Bed in Funky Mutt, Everyday Cotton Pillow Dog Bed in Houndstooth, Premium Cotton Pillow Dog Bed in Azul , SmartCat Peek A Prize Toy Box , Happy Cat Bowl, Double Pet Feeder

What's that? You want to see a picture of our dog? Oh, of course! Here's Fern.