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father rabbit

carla fahden

Awe yeeeah. Who doesn't want a Father Rabbit? The kind that not only likes to cuddle up with you under pretty floral bedding but actually has a garden stocked with pretty floral bedding!

There are some websites that I like right off the bat. If I randomly land on a home page with nice clean photography, a good logo and a slew of well designed products... BAM! I start to sweat because I know I'm in for a solid ten minutes of happy internet perusing. Father Rabbit is one of those sites.

Below are all things I'd like Father Rabbit to pluck out of his garden and hop on over to our house with:

1) AcornDoorstop:

We need one of these bad boys for Jack's office door as it always creepily closes on its own. And this one has an acorn on it which is perfect for us since throughout the entire Fall we had acorns landing on our house, driveway and heads.

2) Brown Vases: These would be perfect to deck out the small wood shelving in our guest bath with. Also perfect for mixing magical potions in that would bring us unlimited decorating funds.

3) Poppy Comforter: My Wish List for guest room bedding is like a mile long but this floral number is getting added anyway.

4) Kitchen Twine: It woulda been nice to have this on Thanksgiving so Jack didn't need to tie up the turkey with my colorful craft string. Plus we have loads of empty shelving around our kitchen island and we need cute things to fill it with.

5) Fog Linen Cotton Blanket: Perfect to stack among other soft spare blankies at the end of our bed since we have a couple of pups that tend to hog all the covers.

6) Cleaning Products: In a perfect world, our mudroom would have a neat little box of glass polish and surface spray like this. But that's probably a stretch even for an OCD perfectionist like myself. Plus, Windex is one of my all-time favorite things (our wood knife block thingy is stained blue around the bottom due to the amount of Windex I use on our kitchen counters).

There you have it folks! Father Rabbit is in New Zealand but DOES ship to the U.S., so you can buy all of your loved ones (eh hem, ME) some purdy goodies for Christmas!

Have a great weekend poptarts!