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fall fun

carla fahden

Greetings from sunny Cali where I've been for the past week shooting some Holiday work for Target. Since my time here has been filled with fake snow, Christmas trees and warm wooly sweaters + slippers, I've decided to spend my day off today shopping for fall clothes.

Below is a warm, cozy mix of goodies to get you in the mood for fall. I know, I know,everyone loooves summer... but my favorite season is fall and I'm actually excited to be done with frizzy summer hair and the endless yard work. Come on, who wouldn't wanna curl up with their fluffy goldendoodle under that Misssoni throw and listen to some tunes on that funky radio?

Missoni Home Karlos Throw, Vintage Fan Cover Industrial Pendant Light, Bamboo Pebbles, Handpicked Brown Black and Off-White Cowhide Leather Rug, Areaware Mango Wooden Radio, Thomas Paul Chestnut Arboretum Linen Pillow, Mid Century Brown Footstool