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entryway envy

carla fahden

Oh how I wish we had an actual entryway. Unfortunately, if anyone comes through our front door, BAM! they are in our living room. I don't think people who do have entryways know how good they have it. You usually just see a rug with a big pile of shoes, a small table with some mail stacked high and maybe a hook or two hung on the wall. What a missed opportunity!

If we had an entryway, the first thing I would do is purchase a cute little desk or table like the one pictured below. I would buy some neat little odds and ends (this would be a perfect place for a bright vintage typewriter) and then hang some small pieces of art. Whenever we were expecting company, I would be sure to have some pretty fresh flowers out and a pretty candle burning. Then when they come in we would just hang out in the entryway all night and look at all of the pretty things.

Will someone please decorate their entryway with these fun pieces? I'm begging you!

Oh, and P.S. - that blue/grey blob is the paint color I would use to contrast with the dark chest.

Picture 1
Vintage Deer Antlers, Vintage Pink Olympia DeLux Manual Typewriter, Sicilian Fig Tree Candle, Vintage Brass Duck Figurines, Book Boxes, Benjamin Moore Paint in Wales Gray (1585), Small Black Directoire Chest, Snakegrass & Cymbidium Orchids, Framed Folkart Oil on cavas