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carla fahden

This morning I woke up to Jack singing Rosy that song from Pulp Fiction, "don't you know girl... you'll be a woman soooooon." Yes, it's true, Rosy is weaning her way off puppy food and starting to eat Fernie's adult food. And like I told both of them the other day, if you're old enough to be eating adult dog food, then you're old enough to get off your furry fanny and get a summer job. Rosy has applied to Adele's Frozen Custard in Excelsior and we're hoping Fern gets a call back from the Wayzata Marina so she can hook us up with a cheap boat slip.

Yes, once those doodles start earning their keep around this joint, we will be able to start buying goodies for our new entry! The sheet rock went up last week and now the feller is here to mud and get that bad boy all smoothed out. We're getting closer (3 more weeks) to this place being D-O-N-E and I can't wait!

P.S. Thanks to Jack for the grandaddy of all puns he came up with for this blog post title.

1) kissy kissy photo (sold, but she's got lots of other great ones) 2) copper gold leaf iron table lamp 3) morning dew vase 4) voluspa noir candle 5) moorish chest 6) crewelwork wool rug 7) vintage antler trophy