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easy being green

carla fahden

My favorite

color is blue. 95% of my wardrobe is blue. Three rooms in our home are painted blue. And when picking my pawn-piece-thingy in Parcheesi, you can bet your bottom dollar I pick blue.

Now if I HAD to branch out and pick a new color for once, I thought a good place to start would be one notch over on the color wheel. Meet my new friend, Green! While perusing the internet lately, I've forced myself to look not only at the blue pretties but the green ones as well. I was delighted to find the items below. I can imagine a totally neutral room with the only pop of color being the funky chair below

and it looks prettaaay, prettaaay, prettaaay good.

Picture 1
Tree Tea Towel, Miller Harris Candle, Missoni Home Humbert Throw, Madeline Weinrib Pillow, Squirrel Needlepoint Pillow, Stretch Chair, Godis Mix Glass, Apple Green Glass