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dream decor

carla fahden

What? Don't give me that look. Decorating our living room for the umteenth

time is a perfectly sane idea. I mean, we've had the same sofa for at LEAST six months and who keeps the same throw pillows for more than 60 days?

Ok, this is probably just a pipe dream for the time being but after seeing the absolutely positively divine owl wallpaper below, it got the gears in my noggin turning. If we papered one wall in the navy and cream owlies, I'd love to add the mustard sofa on the same wall. The tribal rug and industrial table would balance the sleek lines of the tomato chair. And then of course the owls would need a friend, so that's where Mr. Octopus comes in. Gah. Maybe it's time Fern and Rosy get a job to help support their mama's decorating habits.

living room decor
(1) Owlet Hague Blue Wallpaper, (2) Thomas Paul Octopus Pillow, (3) Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Chair, (4) Henry Sofa, (5) French Industrial Coffee Table, (6) Anadolu Kilim