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the doghouse

carla fahden

Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yaaaaaaaay ... it's Fri Fri!

I woke up at the damn butt crack today because we are dog sitting for a hyperactive border collie that whimpers under the bed like a mad woman. It's Jack's bro's dog (hi Shea!) meaning she's Fern and Rosy's cousin and I am her aunt and she's

Jack's niece so basically what I'm trying to say is she is family and I love her, stinky anal glands and all. So Tullabee, this post is for you, gurl.

While we're all stocked up on dog gear over here, I spotted some posh pet websites on my friend Quinn's Pinterest board and now have the sudden urge to drop $50 on this elephant toy just for the photo op of Rosy with it in her mouth. And I sure wouldn't mind housing treats in this cute jar vs. the big greasy ziplock we currently use.

Have a good weekend, yo! I'll be over here at the three-ring circus.

1) coloured collar 2) creature comforts woof jar 3) stitch stick dog bowl 4) knitted elephant dog toy 5) soft rope pull 6) bolster dog bed