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a dining space for granty pants

carla fahden

Awwwwe sheeeeet. Today we're here to talk about our boy Granty Pants. Jack and Grant have been friends since kindergarten. Depending on which one you ask, one of them was sitting in the corner all alone on the first day of school (prolly Grant) and the other one went and offered to play building blocks (or something). Now I have the pleasure of werking with Grant on a daily basis at KNOCK. Granty Pants is the shit.

So lemme break it down for you. Grant just moved into his very own bachelor pad in the North Loop (look out, ladaaays!) and is in need of some furniture. Jack and I went and saw his place last weekend and it has lots-o-potential. It's a great loft space with an industrial feel but aside from his ginormous Coca Cola jug full of change... it's kinda empty.

He asked for my help finding a dining table. He likes mid-century modern (what guy doesn't?) and wants the table to hold 4-6 people for a "dinner party" (code: poker night with my husband). I looked around a little this morning and found lots of great, affordable pieces on V&M. I love mixing old pieces (table, chairs, bar cart) with newer modern things (rug, bar glass). Throw in an industrial yet retro light fixture and a cute little gnome bottle opener and BAM! you got yerself a dining space for Granty Pants!

Have a good weekend, Poptarts!

mini chandelier, zebra british flag, little bottle opener, brass bar cart, rod iron dining chairs,  dining table, bar glass