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dining room delights

carla fahden

Good grief, I nearly forgot my Wordpress login, it's been so long. If I'm actually still on your radar and you're reading this, bless your heart. If you've given up on Color Me Carla, SHAME SHAME I KNOW YOUR NAME! Er, actually I just know who your internet provider is.

So I blame my absence 100% on our Coyuchi bedding that I purchased a couple of months ago. It is the cat's ass and Jack and I have found it nearly impossible to peel ourselves off those comfy sheets in the morning. But I really do miss putting together my little mood boards and writing to a collection of randoms every morning, so I'm gonna try to get better at the ol' blog thang.

Last weekend, I finally made it down to the Junk Bonanza that happens twice a year south of the Cities. I took a day off werk, rented a U-Haul all by myself and hit that shit up with a wad of cash. Now I'll admit, the place was absolutely loaded with lots of junk (hence the name), but after spending a good 6 hours circling each booth over and over, I was able to find a few gems. It's definitely daunting to make bigger furniture purchases that you're unable to try out at home and return if needed. It's also a struggle having to text photos to yer hubby and check through your binder of measurements in the middle of a sea of people. But gimme a gold star, damnit, because I did it! I made out with several large pieces of furniture that Jack and I both love. We need to modify a few of them, but one of the 100% perfect pieces is a SICK ASS big farm table for our dining room. It is rustic and dramatic and just seriously exactly what Jack and I had been picturing for that cozy space.

We are hosting our first din din party in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited to mix up some fall cocktails and spend hours eating good food and shooting the shit with friends around our new table. We are also hosting Turkey Day and I'm super pumped to have a space that actually fits my family. No more bumping butts in a teeny kitchen and dining space like the last few years.

So we already bought the chandelier pictured below and have the table. Other than that, we have a ways to go but I can't wait to slowly fill the space and make it cozy and inviting. Here's my inspo board and hey! … here's to me blogging again!

Oh - pillows in a dining room? Yes. They are for the two upholstered end chairs that me and the Man of the House will sit in.

1) william morris wallpaper 2) chandelier 3) greek key lumbar pillow 4) victorian love pillow 5) tulip dining chair 6) just an image i found and modified to look like our table 7) kosher salt 8) napkins