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design project : : jane's coffee table

carla fahden

My good friend Jane recently moved from sunny Cali to Seattle to live with her BF. As with any bachelor pad, her new space is in need of some TLC. Specifically, she asked if I had any idears for her coffee table.

Here are the top 5 things I think every coffee table should have:

1. Books, books, books, books, boooooks! Jane's coffee table is large with a shelf below it, so there's lots of space to fill. If you don't want to go out and purchase a slew of fancy new art books, here's a secret: buy some neutral fabric and cover your existing books (a grownup version of grade school book covers). Now you can mix different shapes/sizes and they will look cohesive and new!

2. A plant. Potted succulents are all the rage right now (actually, I just made that up). But really, they are cute, colorful and don't take a lot of maintenance (water once a week). Fresh cut flowers always look lovely in photographs, but c'mon, it's not realistic. Oh, don't forget: succulents like to be named. Our little guy is named Ernie.

3. Something to hide obnoxious-looking remote controls in. In this case I chose an old school cheese box because Jane has a flair for vintage pieces. Lacquered boxes, baskets or trays tucked on the lower shelf all work great too.

4. Something personal. Jane's a surfur gurl so I chose a piece of coral. Whether it's a vintage brass horse, an interesting rock you found or a handmade candle from an art fair, use something that no one else has.

5. Something bold and colorful. Coffee tables aren't the best place for pieces with height (vases with tall branches, etc) because they will obstruct your view of the TV or your friend sitting in the chair across from you. So instead, to make a graphic impact, find something low but bright and colorful (see funky bowl below).

Okay! Now that I've told you my secrets to making a coffee table unique and your own, get off your arse and hop to it!

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