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cute shit to wear on a vacay

carla fahden

Word up, my little chunky monkies! This morning I'm coming at you live from NYC where I've been since Friday. This means I did not have to lay around in a pile with our (very dear) friends wearing socks and eating Cool Ranch Doritos while watching that God-awful thing called the Superbowl. No, instead I spent the night in my hotel room watching Kim and Kourtney take Miami while archiving emails until I got my Gmail inbox down to ZERO messages!

Given that I am in the middle of a 12 day work week (we shot all weekend), every so often I've gots to close my eyes and take a little mental vacay. This vacay involves a beach where I allow myself to get a good ol' fashion suntan, freckles and all. It involves Jack, Fern and Rosy (don't worry, they passed as humans in their hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts and were able to fly down with us). It also includes these cute duds to bop around in. And by "bop around" I mean lay like a beached whale while Jack feeds me guacamole and Fern and Rosy bring me margaritas.

Enjoy this summa-time mix and have yerselves a good Monday.

1) embroidered silk dress 2) shell picker bikini 3) pony watch 4) folding ray-ban wayfarers 5) aztec shoes 6) dhurrie messenger