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carla fahden

Hot diggity dayaaam, was that a whopper of a storm here in the Twin Cities last night or whaaa? The thunder and lighting was cray cray and for the most part I was unable to fall back to sleep between my hourly trips to the bathroom (thanks to being 34 weeks prego, my bladder is now the same size as a field mouse's). The sun should be up right now but it's all creepy and dark blue outside. If ever there was a day to stay parked on the couch watching The Goonies and Felicity re-runs, today would be the day.

Unrelated, let's take a look at some random things I wanna get my mits on. Included is some black vintage wallpaper that would look dynamite mixed with the white coffee table and black task lamp. Also in the mix is an obnoxiously priced ruffly bikini for me to show off my soon-to-be smokin' hot post-baby bod in ('cha right). Oh, and a curly-hair comb and some dry shampoo as I've been washing my hair a whopping 2x/month lately.

Okay, time to put on my wellies and face the day. Stay dry, homies.