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Currently Coveting : Summer Duds

carla fahden

Well, usually when Jack has the day off and I'm the one that's gotta drag my fanny outta bed (which has been getting physically harder and harder these days) to feed the pups and get ready for work, I am a grumpy grumperson. But thanks to this bomb-ass weather we've been having, the chirping birds and shining sun have made waking up a non-issue this week.

This weekend I am heading North to visit my mom and pops and the weather is gonna be sunny and in the 70s. I can't wait to sleep in, eat good food, hang out on the deck, frequent the local towny bar (where Zeus, a 130lb irish wolfhound, gives you a lick/face wash when you enter the joint) and be with my family. We're also going to hit up some antique shops in hopes of finding a wood rocker for the babe's room (I know, I know, "it needs to be COMFORTABLE") and just have an all around good time.

Last weekend I completely gutted my closet and packed away winter stuff and anything that isn't going to fit my belly for the next two months (get ready to see a lot of repeats, coworkers). While the like 7 pieces that remain look rather pathetic hanging there by their lonesome, it makes packing and picking out what to wear a sinch. I'd like to add just a FEW new things to my wardrobe this summer but have been having the hardest time finding duds that I know I won't just wear for a couple months and throw away. I've been on the hunt for big blousey tops like the one below and things that can be worn open like kimonos and jackets. And no, I don't think I can pull off these low-rise cut-offs but they're cute and complete the look so just chill your beans, buster.

Have a good long weekend Pop-Tarts and hey, stop sending me invitations to play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook!


1) short sleeve feather meadow top 2) chambray baseball cap 3) black classiness 4) soft sunglasses case 5) boyfriend cut low-rise cut-off 6) every cringing louis vuitton canada used tiny ever very.

birks 7) hooded fatigue jacket