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carla fahden

As you can imagine, I've been spending every ounce of my free time lately searching the interwebs for furniture, wallpaper, lighting, etc for our new pad. I should really be trying to focus on JUST the main floor bathroom (actually, let's be fancy and call it the Powder Room) because we have a builder ready to tear into that sucker as soon as we move in. And to my credit I HAVE landed on wallpaper (see below!) for the Powder Room (oooh, I feel so sophisticated saying that).

How-eva, I can't help but to get sidetracked every time I come across a pendant, glassware, chair or just about anything that would look killer in our new home. The pendant, armchair, tray + lowballs would all look stellar in new our formal dining room. But I 'spose guests would like to be able to take a whiz if they're gonna come over for crumpets and tea, so I need to steer my mouse back to bathroom tile land. I will share my bathroom mix as soon as I get 'er done!

glass pendant, foxglove wallpaper, ornate armchair, blue lowballs, beautiful tray, best interior design blog
1) bronze iron glass faceted pendant 2) foxglove wallpaper 3) denim grafton chair 4) tray 5) crystal bevelled glass low balls