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cuddly duds

carla fahden

Okay, okay, you nosey nellies. If you really must

know, NO I am not showering today. Our pilot light is broken so that means no hot water for the Fahdens.

This weekend Jack and I are heading up north to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary! We're loading up our snowshoes, our DVD collection (including my Felicity box set) and the pups for three days of maxin' and relaxin'. I can't wait to sleep 10 hours (okay, 12) a night, make good

food and romp in the snow with Fern and Rosy. I am also actually looking forward to not having cable or internets as Jack's parents shut that shit down while they winter in AZ.

While my rule right now is to only buy spring/summer clothes, if I were to drop some coin on winter weekend wear, below are my picks. I may have to break the rules and purchase these bloomers though, holy shit they're cute.

1) bobble hat 2) knit mittens 3) double-layer pants 4) wolf jumper 5) fair isle slippers 6) polkadot britches